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The Hardest Science

Chemistry has been voted by students as 😖 The Hardest science to learn because they find it difficult to visualize or imagine.

Why ChemCaper?

With Chemcaper, you will find cute atoms and molecules that are 💙 loveable and memorable to boys and girls. Through 🏃active learning, they become masters of ⚗️ apparatus drawing and get familiar with the fundamental separation techniques.

ChemCaper is designed by educators who saw 👾 game-based learning and 🎮 gamification as the solution to develop the skills children need to thrive in the Innovation Age; where it's not ❌ how much you know that gives you power, it's how you use what you know.

Unlike other educational games, you do not need to have 😁 scientific knowledge in order to play ChemCaper. It turns the intangible visible, anchors chemistry concepts and increases understanding of them!

What People Say

“Instead of trying to teach Chemistry, ChemCaper reinforces concepts, associating them with characters and minigames. It’s a game anyone who has a strong interest in Chemistry or educational games should pick up.”

- Tof Eklund, Writer of Pocket Tactics, a Videogames Critic Site  (full review)

“ChemCaper is a full-fledged, fantasy RPG designed to get children excited to learn Chemistry that even grown-ups will love. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a fun supplement to traditional lessons.”

- Camila Amanda, Writer of Geeks with Juniors, an Educational App Review Blog  (full review)

"It's extremely adorable. The characters are like little fighting warriors. Whatever apparatus, experiments and stuff we are doing, it's actually applicable to the real world and what we are studying for IGCSE"

- Kah Yan, 16

"I actually wanted to know more about our future, since in secondary school I am going to be learning chemistry. So, might as well start now"

- Nikkhael, 12

"ChemCaper gets straight to the point. You know how a test tube is supposed to be used. In a textbook they'll tell you it's a test tube but you may not be clear about what it's for"

- Kah Mun, 16

For Educators / Institutions

Getting ChemCaper for your classroom? Schools and educators can sign up for an EDU Account! This allows you to purchase ChemCaper licenses (also known as Ed-Venture Passes) in bulk and oversee the progress of every student.
Teachers, sign up for free now!


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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Haven't bought or played this yet, but I've always loved the idea of exploring teaching through games, in particular chemistry. I tried to put together my own game systems around chemistry a few times but haven't had success, so I'm excited to see how you went about it. Will definitely be picking this one up :)

True that! Chemistry is the most difficult subject to begin with. We have been through a lot of discussion to make sense of the learning outcomes. It is no doubt the biggest challenge for game design when it is education related. Thanks for showing interest! Your response means a lot to us. =)