A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


You can now register for an account here for free. It will lead you to a form where you can request for a ChemCaper EDU (for PC) game account valued at $50!

To support teachers and parents in helping their kids at home with ChemCaper, we will be releasing: 

1. Supporting Guides
• Gives an overview of what ChemCaper can support students with.

2. Chempendium (downloadable with the game)
• Shows where we bridged the chemistry to the gameplay, story and visual design of ChemCaper. 

For a start, here is some additional information about ChemCaper as evaluated by Education Alliance Finland. https://educationalliancefinland.com/products/chemcaper-act-1-petticles-peril

Install instructions


1. Click here to fill up the game account request form.

2. Download the game for WINDOWS or MAC, internet connection required. 

3. Download the installation guide and install the game.

4. Login details for the game account will be sent to you in 3 working days upon request.

5. Reach us at support@chemcaper.com for further assistance.  


MacOS Installer 562 MB
Windows Installer 480 MB
Chempendium_Digital.pdf 289 MB
[For Parent] ChemCaper EDU Installation Guide.pdf 778 kB
CC_Lesson_2020_v05.pdf 228 MB


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I tried to download the game for todays program on my Windows laptop,  but it always shows "Failed - Forbidden"  they said must download something before down loading the game but I don't see it on the webpage. Pls fix this as I want to join the competition

Hi, can you please elaborate further the issue and send it to us? 

firstly, I have downloaded the windows instaler and then i downlad chemcaper edu installation guide and then i dont know what to do...can you pls help me?

Wow! This game looks really, really awesome. It looks amazing on it's own right. I mean, I'd play just because the way it looks. If I can learn something useful from it, I'd be addicted to it.

Hi! I'm trying to register to play the game, but I get an error. At the top of the page it says I can get a game account for free, but the link isn't working. Thank you.

Hi can you please email to studio@aceedventure.com? Sorry for the late reply!