Who would you be in the world of ChemCaper? Would you be a strong and honourable Feir? Or a knowledgeable and eccentric Moon Being?

Experience a Valentine's Day in high school! This is a unique personality quiz in the form of a light-toned interactive romance fiction.

Brought to you by the interns and concept artists from Ace Ed-Venture Studio!


Katrina, intern, wrote most of the text-heavy scenes, like the confessions and results.

Chang Zhen, intern, programmed and plotted the scenes in Twine. Also wrote some shorter scenes.

Nad and Ivon, concept artists, drew the background, characters and other art assets.

Special thanks to everyone else in the studio for playtesting and showing support!


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Very fascinating story based of your decision you make in the game gives you personality traits of what Love you can be if you have valentine!! I recommend everyone to check this game out!! Check out my full review and if you like what I do then subscribe really apreciated all your brother support thanks amigos!!


Oh I love this!! It's so awesome that it ended up being a quiz and not just a story, and there was a quote and everything. Beautiful and well done.